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Demirer lab is committed to fostering an equitable and inclusive research environment for all members. Dr. Demirer has a culturally aware and values-based mentoring approach:

  • Understanding the identities and experiences of all my trainees and offering personalized mentoring. 

  • Creating an environment of psychological safety, trust, respect, belonging, cooperation, and purpose for all team members. 

  • Communicating clearly the cultural and academic expectations and criteria for success, setting up goals and plans with each of my trainees. 

  • Providing the support needed for each trainee to achieve their personal and professional goals without anyone feeling prioritized or demeaned. 

  • Evaluating the success of holistic lab goals and milestones routinely and implementing changes to improve. Assessment is a fundamental part of understanding mentoring effectiveness and lab climate. 

  • Advocating for systemic change to increase DEIA and improve the overall experiences of all and especially marginalized trainees. Increasing diversity is not enough unless we provide the needed resources for historically excluded groups to succeed at our institutions and in academia.

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