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: co-corresponding authors 

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At Caltech

  1. Andrew T Krasley*, Eugene Li*, Jesus M Galeana, Chandima Bulumulla, Abraham G Beyene‡, Gozde S Demirer.‡  Carbon Nanomaterial Fluorescent Probes and Their Biological Applications. ACS Chemical Reviews (2024).

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Prior to Caltech

Peer-reviewed publications

  1. Bian, C., Demirer, G.S., Oz, M.T., Cai, Y., Witham, S.S., Mason, G.A., Shen, R., Gaudinier, A., Brady, S.M. and Patron, N.J. Conservation and divergence of regulatory architecture in nitrate-responsive plant gene circuits. bioRxiv (2023).

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Patents/Invention Disclosures

  1. Demirer GS., Wang Y., Muchenje K. Targeted DNA Integration in Plants by CRISPR-Associated Transposases (CASTs). Invention Disclosure CIT-9134-P, filed February 2024.

  2. Demirer GS., Berruto C. Identification Of Chemical Targets For The Selective Enrichment Of Desirable Bacteria. Invention Disclosure CIT-9109-P, filed December 2023.

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  5. Landry M. P., Zhang, H., Demirer, G.S. Gene Silencing in Plants with DNA Origami Nanostructures. Invention disclosure BK-2019-044, filed September 2018.

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